Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate your support right now. I am having a really hard time with this. I think I'm doing ok, then it hits me again. Kimber seems to be doing fine, but I'm afraid she's holding her feelings in. We tried to stay busy today, getting groceries, working on finishes, cooking, etc. I can't focus on cross stitch though.

Everything makes me cry. People bad mouthing the school really bothers me. Don't they realize they would never let someone harm those kids intentionally? I know they are scared and reacting too, but it really upsets me.

She goes back to school tomorrow and she is happy about that. I am feeling guilty still for allowing her to enter the school when he was in there. I know it's not rational because noone knew he was there, but I still feel the guilt. I probably always will.

I did get some ornaments finished today and hope to post a pic soon.

Thanks again!

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Ginnie said...

I think it is only natural to feel the way you do. Once she is back at school life will get back to normal, hopefully. xx