Monday, December 22, 2008

A few more

This is my favorite ornament Ive done all year. I am so proud of myself. It is on linen with some 1 over 1. I really enjoy doing 1 over 1 because it is so tiny and delicate. Hard on my old eyes though!

I made this into an ornament too since I couldn't think of another way to finish it and everything looks good as an ornament.

I won't be going to work today since we got a bad snowstorm and our plow guy has yet to show up and my husband got mandated to stay at work. There is no way I can shovel this much snow. This morning I tried to let the dogs out and the snow had piled up so badly in front of the door as I was pushing the door to open, my hand went through the glass and I cut my wrist and the back of my hand.
I don't think it needs stitches, it didn't bleed much and I put steristrips on it. Now there is really no way I can shovel! Glad I got my presents wrapped and all the CS I am giving as gifts done since I doubt I will be able to stitch for a while. It didn't bleed much, but it throbs now. I checked it over carefully to be sure there is no glass in it. At least I get to spend the day home with Kimber who has no school today :)Of course it had to be my right hand since I am right handed.

And here are some snow pics.

Who wants to come shovel me out?


Ginnie said...

Hope your hand is better soon, I bet it is sore. Lovely finishes I started the "Health and Happiness" one, but didn't finish it... 1 over 1 on the words was tricky!! gave up :-(

Sally said...

Your ornaments are beautiful Cheri.

I hope your hand heals quickly.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.